Plumbing, Electrical, and Gas will be the next phase, At this point the plumbers will be installing all of the essential plumbing to operate the pool, this is followed by the electricians installing all their components as well as the  Gas line being installed for the heater, and potential fireplace, or Lava feature.

Once the plaster is completed and the water has been added, the pool is filled, we will send over our "start up guy." Who will add the proper chemicals to your pool and power it up and establish the run times or the pumps heaters and all the other equipment. At this point he will educate you on how everything works and how and when to use it. It sis very important to follow the start up instructions in order to avoid injury as the result of any Chlorine, or acid that has been placed in the pool.

Now it is time to enjoy your pool, and let your friends know of the quality of service that you received from us.

Thank you from all of us here at Custom Built Pools and Spas

The first step of every project is to clean and grade the project area. At this phase, we will have required facilities delivered to your home. Your Customer service representative will have discussed this step with you and will follow the plans as specified. Once the site is cleaned and properly maintained, our layout crew will come out to lay out the area of where the pool is going to go.

The DIG. This is probably one of the most exciting phases of the project as reality starts to hit home that your pool is being built. Our digging crew will complete this process within 1 to 2 days providing there are no hiccups, (big boulders hiding underground most commonly) Once the dig is completed, you will see the outline of the pool formed up. at this point, it will just look like a big hole in the ground with a wooden outline

Rebar. During the rebar phase, the steel workers will install the the skeleton of the pool. The rebar gives the gunnite the structural strength that it needs to ensure many years of enjoyment in holding the water in your pool. Once the rebar has been inspected and approved, it will be time for the shotcrete, and then plaster.

The same day the plaster is completed, we will begin filling the pool with water.

Once we have been given the green light from the building and planning department, Your customer service representative will schedule the start date of your project with you.


by John Rassmussen  


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Once your project estimate is completed, your Customer service representative that has been assigned to your project will contact you to schedule an appointment to go over the scope of your project. Every detail will be thoroughly explained so there will be no "surprises" for you later on in the process. Upon acceptance of the estimate, Your customer service Representative will submit your signed agreement with us to our office. At that point, we will get started on designing and planning your pool to meet your every detail. once you have signed the agreement and paid your deposit, we will begin submitting the plans to the building department for approval and permits. (usually within 24 hours)

It all starts with the first phone call.

Where we will set a convenient time to visit your home, view the area in which you would like to have your pool built,and discuss with you your ideas, features, and interests of what it is precisely that you are looking for in your new swimming pool. At this point you will have the opportunity to meet our professional customer service representative, who will work with you exclusively throughout each and every phase of the build. Not sure exactly what components you want in your pool? No worries, that's where our professional design team comes in. once our customer service representative leaves your home, (usually 30 minutes or less initially) They will send the gathered information to our design department, where they will get started on the project estimate.